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Starting out at 339 pounds Matt dropped an astounding 157 pounds to finish in first place at 182 pounds.In this season the producers smartly decided to judge based on the overall percentage of body weight lost instead of judging by who lost the most pounds.Ryan was the first winner to ever compete in The Biggest Loser back in 2004 when the television show was first aired. He lost 122 pounds on the show and seemed to be changing his life for the better.Ryan dropped from 330 pounds to 208 pounds, which is anything but simple.

Bob Harper is a fitness trainer on the Biggest Loser. Everything changed in season 6 of the Biggest Loser: Families.Contestants now competed in duos and each duo then split either into the black team or the blue team.Bill entered the competition weighing in at 334 pounds and took home the first place prize when he went down to 170 pounds.Bill actually beat his twin brother, Jim Germanakos,in the competition.

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