Workplace dating policy shrm

Given the amount of time we spend in the workplace, for many this is a prime opportunity to meet someone you may choose to have a romantic interest in.

It is not surprising that office romances are becoming more popular.

Kevin: Phil’s policy is illegal under 2014 Board case law, which trumps the 2012 guidance from the Board’s general counsel.

Here is my counter policy and explanation: Social media may not even need a separate policy.

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Never post any information or rumors that you know to be false about company, fellow employees, consultants, clients, customers, vendors, suppliers or competitors. All content posted should be appropriate and respectful: Maintain the confidentiality of company trade secrets and confidential information.This environment is deemed more favorable than a bar or club because you have the opportunity to get to know someone on an intimate day-to-day level.According to found that 30% of these workers say they have dated someone who was at a higher level in the organization than they were.To assist you in making responsible decisions about your use of social media, we have established these guidelines for appropriate use of social media. You are entirely responsible for what you post online.Before creating online content, consider some of the risks and rewards that are involved.

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