Wsus last status report not updating

The properties of the $info object then contain the computer object properties and update the status properties I need for the report.

The $report variable then stores an array of my $info objects.

Update Scope #Loading WSUS Update scope object into variable $groups = "All Computers" #Setting up groups for updates approval $Classification = $wsus. #Setting up update classifications for approval $Categories = $wsus. #Setting up update categories for approval $Update Scope. Add Months(-1) #Configuring starting date for Update Scope interval $Update Scope.

After approving all updates, I only need to update the log file and send this file by email to myself.

wsus last status report not updating-10

As you can see below, the report choices are pretty poor: You need to create a report for every update of every operating system type.This provides all update objects that have the particular KB number in the title.Inside the second loop, I'm using the update object's property, which is a unique GUID associated with each computer object.I wrote the Power Shell script I describe in this post due to the recent unfortunate events when the Wanna Cry ransomware infected literally hundreds of thousands of computers.As usual, the main reason was that people didn't install security updates on time.

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