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Searching for "volunteer for free in Africa" will get you plenty of results, but might not be applicable to the specific opportunity you're trying to find.If you’re hitting Google, be as specific as possible -- search “volunteer with endangered blue swallows in Uganda” instead.Steph is a British travel journalist and former high school English teacher now based in Santiago, Chile.She left the classroom in 2014 and has since been traveling, volunteering and writing about off-the-beaten-trail adventures.If you're planning to volunteer with a free program, especially one that’s locally-run, try to go in with realistic expectations.Free projects can be poorly organized as there’s never enough resources or hands to run the work that they’re doing.Related: How to Find Cheap Volunteer Programs for Any Budget Understandably, the idea of spending thousands of dollars and hard-earned free time to contribute to a good cause does not appeal to many people.

Post or search for information on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and blogs.Online travel forums, such as Lonely Planet's Thorntree are also an excellent resource.These will give you up-to-date information and firsthand accounts and advice from people who have done the programs already -- and offer a chance to ask those people direct questions about their experience.These listings usually include contact information, which can be hard to come by elsewhere.These are especially helpful if you already have a specific destination in mind.

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