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You’ll learn how to snag the woman of your dreams when you have this girl as your wingwoman!

Social Clout: 9,050 Twitter followers; 2,650 Facebook likes You Tube Channel: youtube.com/Marni Wing Twitter Handle: @winggirlmethod Bragging Rights: a regular columnist for Ask Men If you think dating is a game, then Lyons will show you how to bend the rules. He addresses these concerns and more in countless videos.

You Tube is sometimes seen as the biggest time suck on the Web.

After all, you can go to watch one 30-second cat video and find yourself watching something completely unrelated two hours later.

But at the same time, factors like a growing gender imbalance, the one-child policy and an influx of foreigners are shaking up the dating scene, for better and worse.

For today’s podcast, we’ve invited two young guests to the Popup Chinese Studios who are all too familiar with romance in China.

Social Clout: 2,605 Facebook likes; 2,180 Twitter followers You Tube Channel: youtube.com/Tripp Advice Twitter Handle: @trippadvice Bragging Rights: “It Girl Dating and Confidence-Boosting Coach” on MTV’s “MADE” This girl will tell you love is not dictated by rules. House offers a way to find the right person right now with no games involved.

Both her blog and vlog are filled with awesome advice on everything from gaining confidence to getting over a breakup.

Once a strict taboo, casual relationships are now common and the Chinese airwaves are flooded with Western-style dating shows. He’ll help you flourish to your full potential and be the best version of yourself.Social Clout: 26,215 Twitter followers; 9,630 Facebook likes You Tube Channel: youtube.com/Corey Wayne Twitter Handle: @coachcoreywayne Bragging Rights: “The Man’s Secret Weapon” Good guys get the edge when they learn from Wing.Why not use the powers of You Tube for good and actually do something good – like enhance your dating ability.These 13 vloggers will teach you the ins, outs, ups and downs of sex, dating and relationships.

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